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One of the most attractive island and more exciting called the Mentawai Island , Indonesia is the preferred destination of the people who like the adventurous sport, surfing. The perfect waves, the warm water and the incredible atmosphere make at this place the paradise surfers. People of everywhere in the world do not deal to come to the other side with the Atlantic Ocean.

Almost 150km localised in the west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean, Mentawai Island, Indonesia located at the border of a continental shelf, which is surrounded by the coral reefs. Deep water flows upwards on these coral reefs which protect the continental shelf. Siberut, Sipura, Pagai of north (Pagai Utara) and Pagai of the south (Pagai Selatan) are the four principal islands, which compose the chain of the island of Mentawai, Indonesia and these islands are surrounded per much more small islands. The island of Siberut (4030 kilometers ) is the largest island among these four islands of Mentawai. The position of these islands makes them an exceptional place for surfer. The residents of the islands are called the Mentawai Island. The Mentawai, Indonesia contain one of most attractive and the good-preserved indigenous cultures of the world, also the Mentawai Tattoo is very interesting. But, which had with the vagueness of tide without restriction of the modernization of Indonesia this culture is dangerously close being extinct.

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Mentawai Tattoo The World's Oldest

In Mentawai, Indonesia, art to tattoo is more than one phenomenon. The fact that practically everyone here is tattooed proves this. Decorative art is skin deeply among the local tribes in its true direction and depicts the social status and passion towards the life.

According to the researcher Ady Rosa, the model of inking and the tools of the oldest tattooing of the world are found here. Tattooings are engraved with the etching with a goal, depicting their ethnic membership, profession and qualifications. The matters employed are extracted starting from nature. To tattoo is more than one ritual and the artists use needles of iron and traditionally sharp spots out of wooden of the native of will karai of the tree or even of the nail, fish-bone, switches of seam, transients of lemon tree.

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Photo Mentawai Beach, Wave and Surf

Mentawai is a group of small islands located in the Western island of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Mentawai is one of the zones in the Western province of Sumatra. The original people of Mentawai that Mentawai.Language is employed by the people are Mentawai
the Island-island in habited several of the residents in the islands of Mentawai is Sipora, Pagai of north, south of Pagai and Siberut.
The zone of Mentawai is the capital of Killed Pejat.
The Mentawai zones of sector is of 6011.35 square kilometers.
With a population of 38.300 people (2000).
the Mentawai people of customs house are uma
with the head of its title of Sakerei of tribe.

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Quigley Down Under

quigley_down_under.bmp (389 KB)
Quigley Down Under is the western part of the film released theatrically in 1990. Quigley Down Under was originally scheduled to star Steve McQueen in 1980, but after an illness, the STAR project was suspended and did not filmed until a decade later. Director: Simon Wincer, the film lasts 119 minutes, and it is rated PG-13, USA.
Tom Selleck plays titular Matthew Quigley, the cowboy and the gunman from America with a keen eye and, in particular, modified rifle, with whom he or she can plug extraordinary distances. Quigley's weapon of choice is a sharp 1874 Buffalo Rifle fires which .45-110 paper patch black powder cartridges. Its barrel is 34 inches long, which is why it is four inches longer than the unmodified rifle. He is responsible for the ad, asking for men with a special talent to long-distance shooting, the job of Australia. On arriving, he has to meet the workers' man, who hired him, Elliot Marston (Alan Rickman), and taken to Marston's homestead in the Western Australian outback.

Marston is a gentleman infatuated with stories of quick-draw gunslingers, the Wild West, believing himself was born in the wrong continent, and surprised at the fact that Quigley has actually been a Dodge City. He Quigley pay to come to Australia, hopes that the Quigley used his sharpshooting skills to help root out the native aborigines. Quigley says the idea abhorrent, and two men are quickly labeled the showdown.

Laura San Giacomo provides comic relief and love on "Crazy Cora." Having suffered a frightening personal tragedy a few years before the film's story begins, Cora seems to think that Quigley has been on his Estranged husband, Roy. When at the end of the movie, and the viewer will leave some doubt as to how crazy he really is.

When Quigley turns down Marston, Marston has his men dump Quigley, and Cora, the Australian Outback, where there is no water and little chance of survival. Thank you for your help group of aborigines, Quigley and Cora alive to save the other aborigines from Marston men, including orphaned baby who will help Cora to overcome his tragic past. As the story progresses, Marston will lose more and more men Quigley, until a final showdown, which leaves Quigley standing to face a hostile British major. Here, too, in cooperation with aborigines, Quigley makes clear. The film ends Quigley and Cora purchase of passage on the next ship in America.
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Sally Hemmings

Sally_Heming.bmp (215 KB)
Sally Hemings (Shadwell, Albemarle County, Virginia, circa 1773 - Charlottesville, Virginia, 1835) was an American slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. Sally Hemings is said to have been the half-sister of Jefferson's deceased wife Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. [1] Jefferson would during his government to have fathered several children with slaves, but more recent DNA tests show that a male in the Jefferson line, possibly Thomas Jefferson himself, was the father of at least one of Sally Hemings's children.
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Rocco Mediate

Roco_Mediate.bmp (102 KB)
Rocco Anthony Mediate (born on 17 december 1962) is an American professional golfer.

Rocco Anthony Mediate was born in the Pittsburgh suburb of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He attended Florida Southern College and professionally in 1985.

Rocco Anthony Mediate's career has been dogged by back problems and he began using a long putter early as this. In 1991 he became the first player to win on the PGA Tour using a long putter when he won the Doral-Ryder Open. He had another victory at the 1993 KMart Greater Greensboro Open, but he had a long lay-off due to a ruptured disc, but returned to play the Tour in 1996 under a special medical extension and carried out steadily. He obtained victories on the Tour in 1999, 2000 and 2002. He worked hard on his fitness to minimise his back problems, and in 2003 returned to the use of a conventional putter. He has featured in the top 20 on the PGA world ranking. At the 2006 Masters, was mediating in contention to win the event on the last day until he is a septuple-Bogey ten on the par three 12th hole.

On October 9, 2006, it was announced that Rocco would be an on-course reporter for The Golf Channel in the spring of 2007 PGA Tour coverage. He played in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, as well as the Blem Classic 2001 from Las Vegas. He is also a distant cousin of DC United footballer Domenic mediate.
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National Donut Day

The first Friday of June has been designated as National Doughnut Day. If you do not swing by a Krispy Kreme doughnut for your free today, you can still make your own. To begin with you that road to begin with homemade doughnut this recipe to Plain Cake Doughtnuts.

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